Untitled 801 – Large Scale Two-Panel Piece

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Title: Untitled 801

Medium: Mixed Media (Acrylic, Ink, Pen, Pencil and Varnish on Canvas)

Year of Production: 2017

Large Scale Two – Canvas Piece

Currently not for sale


Untitled 78 / Acrylic, Ink and Pen on Canvas – Sold

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Title: Untitled 78

Dimensions: W 100cm x H 80 cm on deep edge canvas

Medium: Acrylic, Ink, Pen and Varnish

Year of Production: 2015

Sold to a private collector

Untitled 71 – Longline 4-Panel Acrylic, Ink and Pen on Canvas Painting – SOLD

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Large scale four-panel Mixed Media Painting on Canvas. Dimensions: W 4m x H 1m ( Consisting of four 1m x 1m canvas panels ).

Sold to a private collector in Oslo, Norway