Love it, Like it, Hate it

This page gives you an insight into my art. Previous, current and future projects.

Works in progress, finished ones and available art works.

Always scroll down and look close.

I will continously post all finished works, works in progress and works available for sale.

I am a recent art graduate and practising artist. I live and work between the UK, Norway and Poland. I am currently based in Oslo, Norway.
I work in painting, drawing, as well as sculpture. I do not subscribe to the idea of being a conceptual artist of sorts and have divorced from a conceptual framework. My work is very organic, playful and fluid.

My up to date projects and exhibitions include:

‘The Story of The Creative’, An International Exhibition held at a number of venues in New York City, US
25 July – 10 September 2013

‘The Yorkshire Artists 5′, The Leeds Gallery, Leeds, UK
June – July 2013

‘Contemporary Art for Christmas’, The Lloyd Gill Gallery, Weston-Super-Mare, UK
November – December 2012

‘171 Days’, Collaborative Exhibition, The Rag Factory, London, UK
December 2011

‘The Cass Degree Show’, Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media & Design, London Metropolitan University, London, UK
June 2011

‘NOISELAB’, Pop up exhibition space for young artists, Manchester, UK

‘Portable Exhibition’, Collaborative Project, Hayle’s Gallery, London, UK

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